Privacy Policy

When you send me an e-mail communication, post a comment on the blog, or request a reading, you’re also sending personally-identifiable information, such as your name, e-mail address, IP address, and for those requesting a divinatory reading, possibly your birth details, personal narrative, etc.

That means I better give you a run-down of this site’s privacy policy.

I will never sell your information to third parties. Ever. My e-mail lists are never going to be for sale. (And if you’re guffawing and going, well, duh, um… yah… about that… you’d be grossed out by how often it’s done.) So yeah. You can rest assured I won’t ever sell my e-mail lists, i.e., your personally identifiable information, to third parties.

If you have provided me with your contact information, then I may contact you from time to time about news or updates that I think you may be interested in, and which is related to the various projects and topics I talk about on this site. Mostly it comes in the form of shameless self-promotion. Again, I’m not going to reveal your personally-identifiable information to commercial third parties, especially those of the sketchy variety.

I also have friends who are doing some of the same stuff I do and if they’ve got a new cool thing going on that I’m genuinely excited about or even partaking in myself, I may from time to time contact you via the contact information you’ve provided me with to share with you the exciting promotional news.

Note that I will personally maintain your confidentiality, but generally speaking, communications over the Internet are not always secure. I do not have control over what third parties intercepting our communications might do with electronically transmitted personal information. Please be mindful of that, not just when using my website or e-mailing me, but for any website and any e-mail you send out. Also, mistakes happen from time to time, but if they happen, I swear it’s of the innocent variety. Never intentional.

As for this website, I don’t know much about the host (WordPress) or how this thing is set up, but I’m guessing like almost all other websites these days, you may receive cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record keeping purposes. Cookies are only sent back to the website that deposited them when a visitor returns to that site. Most web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can, however, reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent.

Please note that information over the internet is never absolutely secure, and evil third parties who, with neither of our consent, may attempt to collect information created during transactions or communications involving you and me. No warranties are made with regard to the security of this website or any communications sent to me via e-mail.

From time to time, my assistant Catherine may help with website management, logistics, and accounting of payments. As a result, she may have access to your name and contact information. She, too, is bound by confidentiality and won’t disclose your personal information to third parties. Plus, let’s be real with each other here. I keep her far too busy to snoop around in my computer files.

Some Communications Are Not Protected

All client communications are held strictly confidential and I exercise my best professional efforts to maintain the strict confidence of what you disclose to me. Information disclosed to me in the course of a client reading session ARE protected.

However, if you send me hateful, nasty, angry, spiteful, downright mean communications, ad hominem attacks, threats, or any communications outside the scope of client sessions and exceeding the bounds of common civility, then such communications and your personally identifiable information shall NOT be protected by confidentiality.

Retention of Files

As a professional, I log and save all information and past readings in my client files. I do keep professional records of past readings. Sometimes I use those records to crunch numbers, like figure out general demographics and other data to help me improve my practice. That kind of information is gathered for my own personal use, to help me be a better practitioner. It will never be given voluntarily by me to third parties for benefit or exploitation. However, it might be given to not-for-profit third parties for non-commercial, academic, educational uses, and by initiating communication with me or requesting a reading, you acknowledge that you are the kind of person who will be okay with that, with non-commercial, academic, educational uses.

Service Terms

Payment is tendered through a third-party site, such as PayPal or Zelle. I am not responsible for your experiences with the third party sites. Please be familiar with their privacy and security terms.

I dedicate my best to each and every reading I provide. Payment is expected no later than the day of your reading appointment.

There will be no refunds for readings that you believe to be inaccurate because accuracy has never been guaranteed. You are not paying for a results-oriented product; what you are paying for is services- and experience-oriented. Thus, there are no refunds on the reading services. I have provided as much data and details of all my service offerings to enable you to make an informed decision, so read with care prior to booking a reading with me.

User Agreement

By using and interacting on this website or sending me communications by e-mail, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of the terms above. What I can promise you is whatever is within my control, I will maintain confidential and treat your personal information with the same care and respect that I would treat my own.

Your Use of My Website Content

Yes, it’s fine. Go for it.

Use of any of my original photographs is fine. A quick credit to me would be greatly appreciated, but if you unintentionally forget, I’m not going to make a big stink over it.

Quoting passages from this website is fine. A quick credit or link back to this site is appreciated, but if you forget, again, I promise not to lose my mind.

Rehashing or reprinting any of the content I’ve provided on my website is okay, so long as some sort of credit or hat tip back to yours truly is provided. I like getting credited because I’m human and vain, but if you unintentionally forget or quite innocently overlook the credit attribution, I ain’t gonna be mad atcha.

Thank you to Benebell Wen who authored these Terms and Conditions. I took this page from her website and edited it for my own use.