“I am a skeptic. I admit it. This was my second session with Crisann and BOTH times I’ve left the session feeling freer, more focused and more in tune with my inner voice. She’s not only intuitive but articulate about her intuition. I came to her stuck and sad and she figured out a way to jimmy open the door and let me walk through it. I do not know how she does it, but she does it. And I will be back.

Crisann is an essential element in my self-care arsenal.”   E. – June 2020

“Words can not express the gratitude and love that fills my heart because of Crisann. She has been there for me in times of crisis and times of joy. Her kindness and wisdom have helped guide me to discover my own power, my truth, and overall love of oneself. I have monthly and weekly readings with her regularly. Her light shines so bright and truly lights up my life. I love her so much and recommend her to everyone I know.” – Bethany

“I wanted to personally thank Crisann for her Intuition Workshop.  It’s hard to quantify everything that received from it.  A sense of peace, awakening, empowerment, motivation and the ability to go forward with practical tools, and discovering and celebrating these things with a great group of people… yes these things are important. But I think what I received goes beyond a laundry list of great take-aways. What I truly felt was a further connection to the divine that was more personal to me than just a standard reading.  I believe Crisann helped us to transcend from simple passive instruction, to an evolution and understanding of our own spiritual intuition. The ability to tap into source yourself is a gift that few undertake, and yet it is so incredibly valuable to bring you to higher levels in all your endeavors.   It was an amazing and unexpected result and I thank Crisann so much for having me.” – Stephen

“Okay. I am dumbstruck. speechless — and trust me, with an old Sicilian shrew like me, THAT NEVER EVER HAPPENS. in all of my life, that is the very first time someone has given me such a pertinent, specific, DEAD-ON-IN-EVERY WAY reading. You have NO IDEA. I cannot stop reading it, Miss Crisann. I don’t know how you did it, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have amazed me today. xoxo” ~MB

“Thank you!! Your reading and energy work was so helpful!! You go beyond the reading to discover the issue and coach with compassion on how to move onto something better. It was way more than a reading – it was a healing! Thank you for your kindness and compassion. I am truly grateful!” – SG

“It’s difficult to put into words the feeling you get after a reading with Crisann.  I have been on a spiritual journey for what I thought was merely a very difficult four years, and have done a lot of work. Crisann has helped me realize that this is in fact, a life long journey that really is culminating NOW, where I let go of all my past programming and move into the next phase. Her guidance has been invaluable.  Crisann is warm, caring and funny.  But most importantly, her readings are not only accurate, they give you an innate sense of hope. She doesn’t just work in the general, but in the specific, and that is a very valuable ability in a counselor. She treats you as a friend, and absolutely cares so much about your well being.  You aren’t just a client, you become family.” – S.H.

“After a family tragedy, I needed crisis counseling for the first time. I needed therapy for the first time – in a long time. And I needed to open myself up for an intuitive reading. 

Experiences in my teens and 20s helped me understand there are people who’ve learned to  develop their gifts and talents to see behind the veils and masks we all wear. Crisann Morgan saw me. She saw the people and the energies affecting my experiences: then, now, and next. And she shared what she saw in a way that felt clean and clear. And she filled me with a full tank of Rocket Fuel to keep flying forward in the right direction. 

After our first session, I knew I’d received a gift I wanted to share with friends who needed this same skilled look under the hood. In the past month, I’ve sent over a dozen friends to take their first ride with Crisann. Immediate texts that follow their sessions usually start with: “Wow! Wow! WOW!”

Crisann, thank you for reminding me that we’re all supposed to be here now more than ever before with ourselves and for each other. Thank you for making room for so many of us in your work.” ~ RB

“Crisann is the “soul whisperer.” She helped me to see things from a different perspective which gave me incredible clarity to the issues the crossroads I’m facing in my life. There were things we discussed from the personal to the professional and as it pertains to the latter she opened my eyes, my soul and my spirit to such an extent that literally moments after I finished my first of what will be three sessions (buy the three sessions people, it will be worth it), I received a positive text pertaining to the outcome to something we had discussed. The floodgates of positive energy continue to stay open and great things have been happening since. She unclogged my soul and I’m on the road to feeling whole. I can’t thank Crisann enough. Oh wait, I will in our next reading.”  ~BD

“It was clear that Crisann knew things about my character and the way I operate in the world as soon as she began to speak. This means that she did not only know what suggestions and information to give me, but HOW to offer it to me. After the reading I continued to feel the healing work that Crisann did, I had surges of energy and decisions that had felt difficult were now much easier.” ~R.V

“I tend to keep private, in areas of emotional health and philosophical growth…but talking to Crisann really is like opening windows in rooms one didn’t realize were dark. She’s a serious find…her gifts of intuition, wisdom, expression and support qualify her as a priestess of yore, but here she is, walking around in the present! Her work is deeply inspiring, and I can’t recommend her more highly.” ~SG

“I cannot thank you enough for a reading that was quite frankly, EXACTLY what I needed.  I felt a HUGE weight lift off of my shoulders and honestly, feel like a whole new woman.  Your positive energy worked as well as valuable perspective.  I certainly have some unfolding to do, but identifying the patterns and guiding me towards breaking them is really really helping.  You are an angel.  Thank you. xx” ~MV

“Crisann has a beautiful soul and cares about helping you find your beautiful soul.  I was overjoyed to have her give me a reading.  I had so much fun and gained perspective on events happening in my life. She is intuitive, accepting and always transparent. She is a beautiful soul and a very good human. Thank you for being a shining star in my sky.” ~KR

“Love, career, purpose. I have struggled to understand my place in life concerning all three. Then I met Crisann. In the short time I’ve known her, she clarified, verified and even justified some of the struggles I have had most of my adult life and what I should be doing to overcome them! Her talent is indescribable. Her gifts are undeniable. Her insight and knowledge of how to read the information given to her guided me to a much clearer understanding of purpose and has assisted me in knowing what areas of my life to focus on. But perhaps the most important result of my reading with her was the release of negative energies I had built up. Results of worrying and stress. I look forward to future readings and feel extremely fortunate to have met such a lovely, gifted lady.” ~MS

“Crisann is a talented empath. She brings considerable gifts to the mission of helping people get in touch with their own higher power, identify and/or clarify their own life path and set in motion actionable steps to move in the direction their soul most wants them to go.  While it’s immensely helpful to look at the larger issues at hand, Crisann has the unique ability to provide both big picture and issue specific input. This can allow a single session to be immensely useful: both perspective and game plan can be on the table for subject reading.  I have found her readings to incorporate a seamless blend of psychic knowledge, empathy and real-world experience used in service to the information and question at hand. I would highly recommend her; you will not be disappointed.” ~GR

“Crisann helped me through one of the more difficult periods of my life. She shed light on a relationship that ended painfully and how important it was for me to continue to process and move away and begin making space for much greater potential in all areas of my life. She helped guide me toward a brighter outlook and understanding in my day to day existence. Her reading style is warm, vibrant, and engaged, as she seeks to answer your questions for your highest good.

I am truly grateful to Crisann for her general guidance in love, career, and her overall gentle spirit. That being said, her kindness does not preclude her from telling you like it is. She is honest with the messages she receives and intent on helping you understand from the ground up so that you can integrate the reading securely into your daily life. Talking to her raises my vibration. I come away feeling more grounded, understood, and in control of my own manifestations, daily practices, and outlook.  Thank you Crisann, I’m very grateful. And I’m looking forward to our next session.”  ~HA

“Someone bought me 30 mins with a psychic and she couldn’t hold a mystical candle to you.  You have ruined me for other intuitives.” ~JTM

“A truly gifted reader and advisor, who very quickly went to the core of me and my issues. Provided an intimate healing space and guidance that lifted my heart and overthinking mind. Cannot recommend enough.” CO

“Crisann is a very special soul. She tunes right in. Even though I’m an intuitive, empathetic person, I tend to be pretty nervous/skeptical about these conversations. I had heard so many terrific things – so I took a risk and made the call. It was more than worth it. Not only do I feel a deep sense of synchronicity with Crisann, but she leaves me with a lifted spirit. With empowerment.  It’s not the lifted spirit that comes from fanfare or false praise. It’s truth talk. It’s deeply connected, it’s spot on, and it’s exactly what I need. Very grateful.” ~SS

“It was literally the best reading of my life.  Open, playful, yet strong and specific.  She comes to great insight with such ease that I felt like I was with my “soul trainer” and helping me connect the dots to better listen to my own inner voice.  Cannot recommend enough.” ~JM.

“Working with Crisann always feels like a transformation into my higher self. From the first moment we spoke,  she was open and warm and completely in tune with what I was trying to communicate. After just one session I felt all the negative energy that was bringing me down, lifted. She works with me on different techniques and ways for me to continue empowering myself to be my own caregiver and manifest the destiny I choose. Working with Crisann is a special experience, go in open for the answers and the answers will come. ”  ~AE

“The first thing you should know about Crisann is she doesn’t blow smoke, personally or professionally. She’s straight, clean and clear and invites you to be the same way in the way she holds space… and oh does she! The reading she gave me was a mirroring of what had recently already presented itself and also a resounding affirmation of what was transforming and coming into being. It was a swift kick in the toosh and a jolt to the heart to wake me up to the unfolding of my greatness, my pitfalls, my gifts and my journey. Fun stuff, indeed.” ~MC

“When Covid-19 threatened my ability to keep the roof over our head and our kids fed, I went through multiple attempts to get any loan possible. None of it was working. After repeated failures, I called Crisann to ask for help to access the specific pros and cons of attempting to get a loan from the SBA (small business association).

She tuned in, using several of the tools in her tool kit, and we went through all versions of whether to apply for this loan or not and about exactly how much to ask for. She suggested $60k. We applied. And 24 hours later we were approved for $60k.

I’ll stop typing now to simply say: trust Crisann’s ability to help you see the truth. I love her gift and will be forever grateful for her work.” A.  – June 2020

“Crisann hit the nail on the head and knew so much!  She helped to guide me towards more confidence in what I already sensed was true.  I loved it –  will definitely book again in the future.”  -CS, 2/17/20

“I’m a lifetime client.  Crisann’s honesty is what I enjoy the most about working with her.  I love the way she explains it all, both good and bad.  I really feel like I have an agenda to help get my life back on track, thank you.”  – ME 2/16/20

“Crisann has a gift and she’s very good at sharing it. Helped me a great deal with a huge move I was making. Her insights were very valuable. I got the clarity and answers I needed. HIGHLY Recommend!!!  Will absolutely be back for more.” – MK 2/13/20

“I recently had a session with Crisann and didn’t know what to expect, but she immediately made me feel so comfortable and like I was in a safe space. She’s so warm and kind and listens. She also has an amazing ability to help you see where you are struggling and why. She opened up a part of me that I was struggling with and I immediately felt like something had shifted in me. She also gave me steps to work on the transition I’m in right now, so that I can grow even more. Her words perfectly expressed what I have been feeling.  I felt heard and changed and wonderful after my session. She truly has an amazing gift. Her positivity and acceptance combined with her talent, makes her a powerhouse. I can’t wait for my next session with her and I want to have her “on call” for life’s challenges! She’s absolutely worth every penny and I can’t recommend her enough. Life changing. Thank you thank you thank you, Crisann!!” – TMR

“Crisann is a clear, connected and masterful intuitive. Even the most simple of her suggestions can create a powerful ripple effect of positive change in your life. Her guidance is unmatched. She is a truly gifted advisor, helping you see situations from a different, energetically clearer and more expanded perspective. After speaking with her, you will feel a clearer connection to your own spirit and inspired to live your best life.” ~ KK

“A whirlwind of fabulousness.” – CR

I believe that a very few people have the gift to be able to help others see their life from a different perspective. I’ve gone to many people who claim to have this gift, but in over 30 years of looking for the insight of people with special abilities, powers or gifts-whatever you might want to call it, Crisann is only the third person who I believe truly has the gift, wisdom, and insight to look at my life and actions in the context of the past, present, and future. She has uncovered things no other human has, seen upcoming events with amazing clarity, and provided guidance that I believe will help me every day going forward. She is completely honest, takes the time to explain what she sees, and will answer questions so I have a complete understanding of our conversations. As I said, she’s only the third person who I truly believe possesses a special gift and I can unconditionally recommend her services.” – ME 

“Crisann in two words…SHE TOTALLY ROCKS…I know that’s three but she cannot be contained, she’s just that good! Not only is Crisann spot on but she has a brilliant way of sharing it all with her great sense of wit and fun. Expect to laugh and be awed. I have looked back on notes from months ago and continue to be shocked by how right she was…and then I tell her and we laugh, because of course she knew it all along. She is a spiritual force of beauty, talent and moxie. Stop reading this and just book a reading, or two or three! GO!” ~KV

“Crisann is marvelously gifted.  I’ve had the delightful pleasure of working with Crisann as an intuitive guide.  In our sessions, she has dialed-in with such amazing accuracy providing detailed information, offering focal points for releasing, processing and accessing the inner knowing.It is lovely to find helpers along our journey and I feel truly blessed  for her intuition, guidance, and ability to read energy at the end of every session I feel empowered and energized.” ~CD

“Crisann has a uniquely open heart that affords her the empathy to offer great insight and guidance. I’ve turned to her on several occasions with questions about the path I was on and received great counsel from her. I always felt in the presence of a loving, wise spirit.” ~MB

“Crisann sees right to the heart of the matter and she tells you what you need to hear, in the kindest way possible. Working with her feels safe as well as completely honest. There have been times when situations pop up in my life that cause me to remember a detail from one of our readings — and when I refer to the notes from that reading, I realize that Crisann mentioned this would be happening, and let me know the mindset or action I needed to take for the best possible outcome. This has been incredibly useful and has really emphasized for me the idea that we live in a universe filled with more love and wonder than we realize. I’m so grateful!” ~EG

“Wow.  Crisann is very, very good at what she does.  She offered me wonderful insight and guidance in a very loving and compassionate way.  Get a reading from her, you will not regret it.  And, you will most likely be back for more.” ~SW

“Speaking with Crisann was truly a life-changing experience. Never have I been so absolutely certain that someone was “tuned in”. The advice she gave me and the light she shed on my life will stay with me forever. I would (and have!) recommend Crisann to anyone in need of a little guidance.” ~EM

“I can’t recommend Crisann more gleefully! I’ve had two readings and both times I felt much more able to greet my challenges as tutors as opposed to enemies to avoid. I’m starting to understand my patterns & recognize alternative choices that serve me better.  Definitely consider Crisann’s services, they will be very illuminating!” ~AF

“I just wanted to drop a note to express my thanks. Our little tuneup session was so very much what I needed. And as they say “you draw what you put out “. Well clearing out the space of the negative thought loop, definitely has shown the wonder of abundance. Thank you for your insight and by relation your help –  it has been immeasurable.  I will certainly be passing it forward !” ~ SC

“Crisann is a smart fun and very talented intuitive. When she reads for you, be prepared for the truth. She knows how to deliver the message you need to hear in the best way for you to receive it. You will leave satisfied, you will know you have been seen and heard, you’ll feel her love and empathy as you make your way learning the lessons of your journey. You will feel joy, hope, and know your responsibility in it. Did I mention she’s awesome?!” ~ ND

“Wow. great reading with an articulate warrior woman. Her advice is very constructive, do this and then do this… very helpful after reading me through the problem accurately. Many heartfelt thanks.” ~ SD

“I want to take a few minutes to tell you about Crisann Morgan… In a time of difficulty in my life and during a serious lack of clarity, she was able to set me on my given path. She is beyond friendly, it is as if she can reach out to you through the phone and touch your heart. You can feel her radiant energy penetrating through you with every one of her breaths and words. She’s a true gift to this world and a gift to anyone who communicates with her. She left me awestruck and with tears of joy and positivity. I recommend her to all.” ~ LS

“I was fortunate enough to get a gift of hope from a family member in which I was blessed with a phone session with Crisann Morgan. I never expected the sort of impact I experienced with her words, wisdom, outreach, empathy and how can she just know so much about me, my feelings, my fears, my hope, or lack of, but yet she did. I had recently undergone a life-altering health issue that left me emotionally and physically unstable and then came Crisann, I have followed most of her advice and I feel like my old but improved self. There is much work left but I now feel like I have a roadmap. Thank you so much. I can’t say enough, just go for it, she is amazing.” ~MR

“Crisann has a gift that many people search for their entire lives and never find!  Her gift is the ability to see through you and present you with your truth.  She can just look at you and read your mind, what you’ve been through and what’s in your heart to create your future with.  I’m talking about the truth that we all know exists but we run away from it for months or maybe even years.  Prior to our session, she didn’t know anything about me or my past other than my name.  After talking to her, I was able to let go of many things in the past and have a more clear vision of my future and the things I need to do to get there.  If you have ever doubted yourself or your decisions and are looking for a way to stop it, talk to her!  I would definitely recommend her!”  ~CR

“I recently spoke with Crisann and she gave me some invaluable insight and reassured me that my guides were protecting me and that I needed to start manifesting/visualizing what I wanted and it would come to me. It was so refreshing to receive this message, as I needed confirmation that I was on the right track regarding some major decisions I needed to make about my future. She was also able to tune into some health issues I was experiencing and provide me with some suggestions on how to overcome them. I highly recommend Crisann, as she has the ability to channel the messages you’re supposed to hear in a very loving and caring way.” ~LS

“Crisann is one of the most incredible and positively supportive teachers I’ve ever met. I can recommend her intuitive advice from personal experience to take you to a new level of consciousness and direction.” ~JP

“I just wanted to send you a nice little note to say that I genuinely miss your yoga classes. I’ve checked out a few local yoga spots near where I live and it’s just NOT the same! Nothing compares to your instruction, kindness, attentiveness, patience, and knowledge. Every other instructor is just plain wrong in my book. It’s tough finding anywhere that has made me feel quite like I did in your classes. You really are a gem!

Honestly, I’ve tried 4 other locations and not once did I feel like it was productive. However, in your classes, I felt renewed and powerful. It even gave my anxiety-ridden mind a chance to focus on what was going on in the room, not on what was outside of it.

My anxiety is crippling sometimes. I can never relax! Your class seriously changed my life. For the first time in forever, I didn’t feel stressed or panicky. My whole outlook on my disorder changed. I realized it was something I could control, as opposed to the other way around.

And I’ll tell you that there have been zero other routines, medications, or otherwise that have had such an impact since.

You have a real gift.” ~JO

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